Eco paradise, breathtaking views, paddy fields…pure rest and relaxation is what I would call a getaway at Vil Uyana, a groundbreaking project by Jetwing Hotels Sri Lanka. Built on a man-made lake to mirror the village life of Sri Lanka, this uber private eco luxury abode is definitely a honeymooner’s heaven.

As you enter, you will be greeted with a warm smile by an enthusiastic private butler who will attend to your every need. You can either hop into a waiting golf cart which will whisk you away to your private villa or take a stroll down a beautiful walkway, which feels endless but is sure to transport you back in time.

I had the pleasure of first visiting Vil Uyana 10 years ago when they were just putting the finishing touches to the hotel. But 10 years later, this paradise has truly kept its mark and is still maintaining the charm and sophistication it boasts. Ideal for the couple who yearns to getaway after their nuptials, it’s a perfect ‘tuck us away’ place and oh-so-romantic.

Luxurious Vil Uyana has it’s own unique private villas and you can choose the dwelling of your desire. From garden dwellings to marsh with your own private pool, to water and forest dwellings, you can choose a luxury abode that best suits the two of you.

The interior is decorated to encapsulate the village home life and its jaw-dropping surroundings.

Exploring the distinctive features and amenities of the property gives you a sense of discovery where each facet is created to tell its own unique story.

The fabulous modern lounge library is a must to experience, especially during sunset when the early dusk light pours in giving it its own distinctive charm.

What’s more, spending endless time at the magnificent infinity pool is a treat that is not to be missed.

Dine at the resort’s restaurants or opt in for a romantic dinner arranged by your butler and feast the local cuisine – a must experience.

Photo Via Walkers Tours

What’s more, this eco resort is just minutes away from the historic Sigiriya rock – an ancient kingdom – an excursion not to be missed (I will share more about Sigiriya in one of my next posts). The beautiful frescoes in Sigiriya can be viewed but not photographed due to preservation rules. But you can most certainly photograph the reproduced art of the ancient frescoes instilled in the walls of Vil Uyana.

With so many things to do and explore in and around, Vil Uyana is truly a honeymooner’s paradise.

Will Vil Uyana be your honeymoon spot?