Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a part of Destination Aisles. Share your work and open your destination to the rest of the world. We love to inspire our readers with details and inspiration and give them access to fashionable and stylish weddings, gorgeous destinations, beautiful honeymoon spots, getaway adventures and the works. What’s more, we want to create an equally stylish and creative community that comprises the best creative professionals in the world. We want to celebrate the couple in love, celebrate you and showcase your beautiful work to the world.

We would love to feature;

  • Real weddings – stylish, luxury, boho, mid-century modern, diverse, ethnic, culturally diverse weddings, interracial couples, LGBTQ couples, elopements and intimate weddings
  • Styled photoshoots and videos – unique themes, ideas and editorials
  • Special cultural ceremonies and events (tea ceremony, mehndi night etc…)
  • Designed and staged vignettes featuring local and native interior design and unique decor
  • Fashion – native/national dresses and up and coming designer wear. Eg: saree, sarong, kaftan etc.
  • Unique engagements, bridal Showers, rehearsal dinners
  • Local food and authentic cuisine and recipes
  • Honeymoon spots – new resorts and distinctive amenities
  • Things to do – local artisans, cultural/community events unique to the destination

Submission requirements

  • Please submit watermark free photos that are at least 1600px wide. This applies to both portrait and landscape photos.
  • All submissions must include at least a 300 word description of the feature
  • Submit photos that are less than 1MB but more than 800KB.
  • All photos must be in jpeg form
  • You can submit a dropbox link (please do not send dropbox invitations but direct links to download your photos) or through pixieset
  • We need a maximum of 50 – 60 (watermark free) of the best images that can tell the story of a feature. Remember, a picture is worth more than a 1000 words
  • Please attach video links to the feature if any

Below is a guideline for a wedding/styled photoshoot submission;

  • Couple photos
  • Wedding party photos (Bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers etc…) if applicable
  • Invitation suite/wedding stationary (it can be pictures of just the invitation)
  • Ceremony, Reception and other cultural/religious wedding photos if applicable
  • All floral details (Bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, installations etc…)
  • Other décor & DIY details if any – special vignettes, cocktail lounges, favors, unique dessert tables, guest book details, escort table details etc…
  • Cake and oil lamp photos if applicable
  • Other details you would like to be featured
  • All participating creative partners (if any) must be credited for each of their contributions towards the work you are submitting

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We can’t thank you enough for your interest to become a Destination aisles featured partner. Through our venue features we aim to reach couples around the globe to stay, celebrate and make memories to last a lifetime with you as their host. We want to showcase up and coming venues, brand new venues and venues in up and coming destinations and love to share the facilities and excursions you have to offer. From the design details to the amenities and the cuisine you offer, we would love to know all. Open your doors to the couples in love across the world searching for the best place to say I do, honeymoon and have a getaway adventure.

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One of the categories we will feature on Destination Aisles are the festivals/cultural events/ international food festivals that are unique to a particular destination. We love to feature the destination itself and showcase things our audience can do whilst they are visiting your destination. So if you have an annual or bi annual event, a village festival, a cultural or religious festival unique to your destination, we want to feature them here at Destination Aisles.

  • Please submit maximum of 30 (watermark free) photos that tells the story of your event/festival
  • A description of your festival/event (minimum of 500 words)
  • Details of all participating venues/hotels (if any)
  • Details of the main sponsor/s and their logos (if any)

 Please email for all festival & special event feature submissions

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