Hello, Ayubowan, Namaste, Vanakkam, Hola, Aloha, Konnichiwa, Nihao, Marhabaan, Chairete & Bonjour! Get ready to celebrate love in some of the most beautiful and up and coming destinations in the world and have an adventure of a lifetime with Destination Aisles.

New destinations and new venues are sprouting up like mushrooms. And we want you to be front and center. Most of all, there are some amazing creative artists who are waiting to help you to say “I do.” Planning a getaway wedding just got easier with Destination Aisles.

When someone says “Destination Wedding,” our immediate reaction almost always goes towards a beach. But, a destination wedding can be on top of a mountain, in a forest, on a boat/ship, in a pontoon, while sky diving (well, if you can find an adventurous officiant), in a colonial house/villa, in a tree house–the list goes on.

Here are some of the types of Destination Weddings/elopements you can plan to have.

  1. Beach wedding
  2. Back-to-your-roots wedding
  3. Adventure wedding
  4. Nature/Ec0-friendly wedding
  5. Native/Cultural wedding
  6. Snowy winter wedding
  7. Cruise/Yacht wedding

The most popular type of Destination Wedding that most couples choose to have is a Beach Wedding. Very often we find couples choosing this option due to the ease of finding a beach resort that can host your nuptials set against a gorgeous beach backdrop.

If you’re looking to have a beach destination wedding in Europe consider Sardinia, Italy or even Spain. If you’re looking for an Island getaway consider Sri Lanka, Mauritius or Hawaii. If you’re looking to the west consider, Jamaica, St Lucia or Chile.

Couples with deep roots tend to visit their motherland or the motherland of their families to have a wedding. These are couples whose ancestors come from countries other than the ones they reside in, for a special family wedding. Very often such couples tend to have multiple celebrations–one in their motherland and one in the country they currently reside in. Are you a couple considering a ‘Back-to-your-roots’ destination wedding?

Have you ever wanted to have a skydiving wedding? Ever imagined having a wedding on a small island just a little away from the main shore where you, the couple, arrive on a speedboat with a slew of decorated jet ski’s escorting you to a small jetty on the island to say “I do?” What an adventure that would be! Or how about turning a desert safari into an elopement in Morocco? Maybe arriving in style on an Elephant? This type of destination wedding is ideal for adrenaline junkies and those that yearn to tie the knot coupled with a great getaway adventure.

This type of wedding is ideal for the nature lovers. Choose from sweeping landscapes around the world to have your nuptials. It can be either overlooking a breathtaking waterfall or at the top of a mountain or even in a dense forest amongst ancient trees. Or, for the animal lovers, consider a wedding at a safari park. Africa, namely, Kenya comes to mind, with its rugged landscape and abundant wildlife.

Photo – Via Pinterest

Are you a history buff or a lover of culture and art? Then this one’s for you. If you love to experience local culture and want to embrace it whilst having your wedding, then dress as a native or make the local historic sites the backdrop for your destination wedding. Imagine tying the knot in front of the Taj Mahal in India or having the ancient Roman Colosseum as your backdrop…how about marrying amongst the ancient ruins in Sri Lanka such as in Sigiriya? Don’t forget a colourful sari or the native dress of the destination of your choice. Embrace the local scene and make lasting memories.

If you love the snow and the white mountain slopes of winter, then a snowy winter destination wedding is in the cards for you. You have an array of destinations to choose from for your winter nuptials. Consider an up and coming destination like Iceland or Finland. The Swiss alps and Austria are drop-dead gorgeous during the winter. The impeccable landscape is ideal for a beautiful destination wedding.

Photo via Royal Albatross

There are many voyages you can take to have a destination wedding aboard a boat. You can either choose a cruise with an overflow of champagne and margaritas and non-stop adventures on board and off, or you can opt for a luxurious getaway wedding aboard a private yacht, with just the two of you, or close family & friends. Either way, it will definitely be a beautiful voyage of a lifetime. Consider some cruise options such the Royal Caribbean International cruises or The Royal Albatross.

Whichever destination you choose and however you choose to have it, for us, a destination wedding or a getaway wedding as I sometimes call it, can take place where your heart desires…overlooking the backdrop or landscape you’ve always dreamed of, to make memories that last a lifetime.

With so many places to explore and the world at your fingertips, we want to bring you closer than ever to your dream wedding destination… so get ready to jet set… with Destination Aisles.

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Featured image  – The Goodness photography  via Intimate Weddings