About us

Welcome, to Destination Aisles – an inspiration hub for stylish destination weddings and globetrotting lifestyles.

There was a time when having a wedding in an exotic or far-off destination was a distant dream.  But now, love in its myriad of forms, can be celebrated in any corner of the world, in any remote beach or towering mountain top; and a generation of globetrotters are searching for the next best destination to say “I do” and explore. With beautiful new venues and locales opening its doors to host magical weddings, we at Destination Aisles want to inspire couples around the world to have a unique & stylish destination wedding and begin an adventure of a lifetime. But we won’t stop there. After all, a wedding is just the beginning. After saying “I do,” the celebration begins and then comes the honeymoon and countless wonderful adventures thereafter.

Through Destination Aisles we aim to bring couples planning a destination wedding closer to unique destinations, venues and carefully selected creative partners who make it happen, with ease.

From places to go, things to do and experiences to have, we want to celebrate love and a happily-ever-after for couples around the world.

So get ready to take off and hop on board as we bring you the world of destination weddings through inspiring content for a stylish wedding and a globetrotting lifestyle.

Planning a destination wedding just got easier with Destination Aisles!


Hi there!

I’m so glad you dropped by. I am NK, founder of Destination Aisles. I have always been immersed in design, travel, organizing and adventure my whole life. I’m a constant explorer of new things and new ways of doing things. A natural born hustler, people know me to be bold and assertive, yet sincere and efficient.

Given my personality and interests, it has been a lifelong dream of mine to be part of the wedding world; and I achieved part of this dream when I opened Paradise Parkway Design Atelier two years ago. But, being an event designer just wasn’t enough. I had this idea of bringing together creative artists and amazing locations, and introducing them to a community of couples who are eager to explore the world. Years of event planning, management and advertising along with some time spent in the hospitality industry, has helped launch Destination Aisles, where creatives and the community meet. This is a true culmination of my journey in the design and planning world, and I hope to provide both the inspiration and the resources to make dreams come true.

It is with great pride and enthusiasm, that I welcome you to Destination Aisles. I hope you find the spark to ignite your next great journey here, whether it be a quiet getaway wedding or a bold new adventure, you’re sure to find it all…at Destination Aisles.