In an effort to help couples plan a destination wedding abroad, we will be posting lots of tips and ideas to help you plan your day with ease. As such, to help you get started we would like to share 5 steps which will help you kick-start planning your destination wedding. The “who,” “what,” “when” and “where” are important to planning a successful destination wedding.

1. Envision your day

This is the first step to start planning your day. You’re engaged, now what? Start visualizing how you want your wedding day to be. Will it be an Island wedding in a tropical oasis or a friends and family soiree at a luxury chateau in the south of France? In addition, will it be a 3 day affair  with a rehearsal dinner party, wedding day and morning after brunch or a one day celebration? What is your storybook day going to be? Our previous article which you can read here will give you more insight on some of the types of destination weddings you can have.

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2. Size of your celebration

This goes hand in hand with the first step. Part of envisioning your day is to decide on the size of your wedding. Is it going to be an elopement with just the two of you, an intimate wedding with just 30 of your closest friends and family or a large celebration? Determining whether or not you are going to invite people and coming up with a guest count is a crucial step to planning your getaway wedding.

3. Deciding on a budget

You’ve envisioned your day and decided on a guest count. Now it’s time to set a budget and decide on how much you would like to spend on your dream wedding abroad. Airfare, accommodations, hiring a vendor team, actual event expenses and attire for the day, gifts for your invitees for coming all the way to celebrate your nuptials, honeymoon adventure expenses etc…all need to be factored in when preparing a budget for your destination nuptials.

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4. Choosing your destination and setting a date

Now it’s time to choose the destination that will host your wedding and set a date. With destination weddings, it is always recommended to start at least a year in advance. This allows you enough time to research on the destination you both like, depending on the type of destination wedding you would like to have and the way you envision it to be. Will you choose a destination close to your country of residence or will you travel on a long haul flight to an exotic destination? Factors such as distance and time it takes to get there, local procedures and legalities, play a vital role when choosing your wedding destination. Having a wedding is an adventure of a lifetime, but having a wedding abroad and coupling it together with a honeymoon is a double adventure for the price of one.

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5. Legalities!

You’ve chosen your destination, now it’s time to see what type of legal procedures come with it. Some countries like Sri Lanka do not require you to have a minimum stay. But some like France have a minimum stay. Even though some destinations do not require a minimum stay, it is recommend that you come at least two days in advance to settle yourselves, prepare and attend to any last minute changes or unexpected circumstances (if any).

As we begin this journey to bring you insights into new and upcoming destinations and stylish wedding content, we will continue to post articles to make it easier for you to plan your wedding abroad.

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